What is House Party?

House Party is SCC, and SCC is House Party! House Party is the lifeblood of our church — it's where real community, growth, and discipleship happens. House Party is more than a small group. It's more than a bible study. It's an opportunity to get connected, make new friends, and share our lives with each other. There are House Parties located all around the greater Indianapolis Area, so you're sure to find one near you. Click below to get started.

Questions about House Party

What should I expect at House Party?

House Party generally meets on a weeknight in the home of a designated House Party Host, and lasts about two hours. It's a casual and comfortable environment, usually with no more than 10-15 adults (we're intentional about limiting the size of each House Party). Every House Party is different, but you can always expect food and drinks, whether it's snacks or a shared meal, a time for discussion about the most recent sermon, and a chance to pray with and for one another.

The House Party schedule is split into two semesters, each about 15 weeks, with a break in the summer months and between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Is there a House Party just for Singles/Married Couples/Parents/Men/Women/etc?

No. We believe that House Party is the perfect place for people of all walks of life to learn from and teach each other, offer different perspectives, and care for and support each other. We know that there is value in community with shared experience, but we believe that there is even more value in sharing your life with those who may be outside that experience. You may be surprised at what you learn, or who learns from you!

Is childcare provided?

The availability of childcare depends on each individual House Party. Childcare availability is clearly marked on the House Party Signup listing page, so if childcare is a requirement for you, be sure to look for that when signing up for a House Party.


Is attendance required?

No, but it is highly encouraged! We understand that life is busy and unpredictable, so don't feel like this is just another obligation. We do keep track of attendance numbers, but that's only so we can measure the health and effectiveness of House Party as a whole, and see how we can make it better. If your House Party Leader or friends notice you've been gone frequently they may reach out and see how you're doing, but that's just because we care!

Do I have to be a member of SCC to join a House Party?

No. House Party is open to anyone and everyone who's interested. In fact, House Party is a great way to check out SCC and see what we're about!



How do I sign up for House Party?

You can sign up online using the button below, or in person at SCC during our semi-annual House Party Signup Seasons, which occur in the weeks before each new semester of House Party.