Worship Team Packet

We’re excited for your interest in the SCC Worship team! While playing and creating music are enjoyable, words fail to describe the joy and fulfillment found through using those gifts and talents to assist others into an intimate connection with Christ! If you feel God prompting you to join our team, please read through this packet and complete and submit the application below.


Our Mission is simple—To engage others with the love of Jesus Christ.

As our name suggests, Second Chance Church is all about second chances—at church, at faith, at life. We’re a group of flawed and imperfect people who find hope and joy in Jesus. He looks past our junk and loves us more than we could ever imagine, and we want everyone to experience this same hope and joy.



People Focused: You matter to us because you matter to Jesus.
Intentionality: No detail is too small because Hell is real.
Authenticity: Freedom begins where fake ends.
Jesus Centered: Jesus is the change the world is waiting for.
Multiplication: We will always be a distribution center, never a warehouse.



Worship: We worship as we invite others to worship Jesus Christ with us.
Leadership: We set the tone in leading and ushering people to connect and respond with Christ in a personal way.
CommUNITY: We are a team. We are part of a family. We connect with those we lead in worship.
Soul Priority: Our primary responsibility is soul development, not skill development.
Excellence: We strive for personal and unified excellence as we honor God with our talents.


STEP 1: Read over this packet in its entirety.


STEP 2: Complete, sign, and submit your application.

Check Your Email: Upon submitting your completed packet, we’ll send you an invitational link to our online scheduling and resources site, Planning Center Online. Here, you will find audio tracks and chord charts for the songs to be played at your audition, once scheduled. In case of any issues with navigating this site, please ask us for assistance!


STEP 3: We’ll contact you to schedule your meeting and audition.

Meeting: A meeting will be scheduled with our Worship Arts Director and may include a seasoned team member. This will be a time for us to become familiar as we go over some details on your application. This is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions! We try to schedule meetings surrounding our Wednesday night rehearsals and auditions. If you need to make other arrangements, we’ll attempt to find another opportunity that works for you.

Audition: Auditions are naturally intimidating, but we try to do our best to maintain a friendly, relaxed, and focused atmosphere. We’ll schedule your audition during one of our weekly Wednesday night rehearsals. You’ll play with current team members as we get an idea of your musical styles, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. We’ll play through 3-4 different songs and try to emulate multiple aspects of our typical rehearsals.

We’ll provide printed chord charts, though you may bring your own if you wish to take notes. Some of our musicians prefer using their iPad charts as well.

Equipment: SCC provides a drum set, Aviom mixers, basic in-ear monitors (IEMs), microphones, direct boxes, and cables. Instrumentalists will still need the following:

Guitars: Guitar, pedalboard, mixer, strap, capo
Drums: Sticks
Keys: Optional (we’ll provide you with an electric piano unless you prefer your own setup)

*Feel free to bring your personal IEMs.


STEP 4: We’ll reach out to you with our recommended next steps.

Shortly after your audition, our team will meet together to discuss our thoughts and recommendations. We’ll contact you shortly thereafter!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Again, thanks for your interest!


Heather Parks

Worship Arts Pastor
Second Chance Church

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