Worship Team Application Packet


Our Mission is simple—To engage others with the love of Jesus Christ.

Like our name suggests, Second Chance Church is all about second chances—at church, at faith, at life. We’re a group of flawed and imperfect people who find hope and joy in Jesus. He looks past our junk and loves us more than we can imagine, and we want everyone to experience this same hope and joy.



People Focused: You matter to us, because you matter to Jesus
Intentionality: No detail is too small because Hell is real.
Authenticity: Freedom begins where fake ends.
Jesus Centered: Jesus is the change the world is waiting for.
Multiplication: We will always be a distribution center, never a warehouse.


We’re About the House, Not the Chores: We’re called to Second Chance Church, not SCC Worship.

Music is Secondary: We are not here to perform. We’re here to create an environment that invites people to worship Jesus Christ.

No Lone Wolves: We’re a pack. We aren’t alone in this ministry. To be effective leaders, we must reproduce and be fruitful.

Soul Over Skill Set: Our primary responsibility is soul development, not skill development.

Foster Creativity: We encourage creativity within the boundaries of the vision of the house.

Excellence is a Decision: We strive for excellence to honor God and avoid distractions.

We Are Not Rock Stars: We’re about connecting with those we lead in worship, not being above them.

We Are Worship Leaders: We set the tone in leading and ushering people to respond and connect with Christ in a personal way.



Spiritual Preparation: Worshipping on stage is an extension of a lifestyle of worship and a well-cultivated heart beyond Sunday mornings. Personal spiritual intimacy with Jesus is our FIRST priority. If the only time we Worship Jesus is on Sunday mornings, something’s definitely out of focus. We must first go where we hope to lead others—in constant pursuit of Christ! We must earnestly seek Him in prayer and scripture.



Musical Preparation: Rehearsals are infinitely smoother when everyone has listened to and practiced with the scheduled music prior to rehearsals. Preparedness also includes having any personal gear and equipment ready to go. Songs are strategically selected and generally posted no less than 2 weeks in advance to offer time for practice. If we struggle with our instrumental or vocal part in a song, we must swiftly communicate this to our leader.

Creative Thinking: Our team is entrusted to consistently deliver relevant and dynamic worship experiences powered by the Holy Spirit. This requires some serious creativity! In the process of using our talents, we must maintain focus on Christ—not self-expression. Creativity is an extremely valuable tool, and Christ’s presence reaches others through us most when we use our tools as a team! Never be afraid to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us, together!



Attitude: When ideas or suggestions are presented and received with good attitudes, the results are monumentally effective in overall team building. When technical, musical, and miscellaneous complications arise, maintaining positivity helps keep morale high. As difficult as it may be, we must strive to remain receptive to constructive criticism offered through our team.

Scheduling: Once schedule requests are sent out, the requested member is expected to accept or decline each request no less than three weeks in advance. Each team member is responsible for communicating their “black-out” dates on Planning Center to help avoid scheduling conflicts. We must swiftly communicate any scheduling issues, and all other requests related to preferences and schedule changes, with our leader.

Punctuality: Everyone’s time is valuable. Punctuality to rehearsals and services enables our limited time to be used as efficiently as possible. Being on time is a respect issue. Tardiness communicates a lack of respect for those on our team and others involved. If an unexpected delay arises, we must communicate this as quickly as possible with our leader.

Flexibility: The Worship Arts Director consistently attempts adequate notices of schedule or set list changes. While it is not entirely uncommon for these changes to take place, they are only done when believed to be necessary. These changes should be promptly communicated by email, but we should periodically checking Planning Center to view any potential changes as well.

Seek and Pursue Peace: If any team members encounter problems with one another, they are expected to address these issues promptly, privately, and prayerfully. Unity is an act of worship, and reconciliation is crucial to team unity. Relational wedges will cripple our ability to maintain a unified focus on Christ, and our entire team will suffer. We must strive for humility while supporting, encouraging, and caring for one another.



Honoring Pastoral Staff: We strive to honor our pastoral staff as the God-anointed leaders at SCC. In doing so, we’ll consistently aim to offer them encouragement, support, and respect.

Active Presence: We are each significant members of the full body of Christ. We should communicate and connect to others at SCC, regularly attending, and sitting in at least one service each Sunday. We need to be considerate by monitoring our off-stage volume.



Self-Care: You are a highly valued member of our team no matter the size of your role. Honoring God requires caring for yourself to offer Him your best. If you find yourself struggling in your personal life, ask for help. Your soul matters more than your skill set!!

Family First: Family is the most important ministry God has entrusted us with! Usually, bringing kids to rehearsals is a poor idea. Other times, family life is not made a priority. Balance is a struggle! If you find yourself needing to take a step back or request an occasional exception at rehearsals, reach out!


We’re excited you’re interested in serving SCC through our Worship Team! While playing and creating music are certainly fun, words fall short in describing the joy in honoring Christ by using our gifts and talents to help others connect intimately with Him! At SCC, we take God’s calling on our lives very seriously. Therefore, we require a completed and signed application from each prospective team member prior to meetings and auditions. We hope you’ll prayerfully seek whether or not this is God’s calling on your life. Questions are always welcome!



STEP 1: Read over this packet in its entirety.


STEP 2: Complete, sign, and submit your attached application.

Check Your Email: Upon submitting your completed packet, we’ll email you an invitational link to our online scheduling and resources site, Planning Center Online, so you can begin preparing for your audition. Here, you will find mp3’s and chord charts for the songs to be played at your audition. In case of any questions on how to navigate the site, please give yourself plenty of time to email us for assistance!


STEP 3: We’ll contact you to schedule your meeting and audition.

Meeting: These face-to-face discussions are conducted on a one-to-one basis with our Worship Arts Director and may include a seasoned team member. This will be a time for us both to become familiar as we go over some details on your application. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions! We try to schedule meetings Wednesdays at 6pm—directly prior to our weekly rehearsals and auditions. If you need to make special arrangements, we can discuss this further.

Audition: Auditions are naturally intimidating, and we try to do our best to maintain a relaxed yet focused atmosphere. We’ll schedule your audition during one of our weekly Wednesday night rehearsals. You’ll play with current team members so we can all get an idea of your musical styles and capabilities. We’ll play through 3-4 different songs and try to emulate multiple aspects of our typical rehearsals.

You may bring printed chord charts for reference during your audition, but we highly encourage you to prepare for playing without them. Some of our musicians use iPads for chord charts on Sunday mornings, as permitted. Excluding drummers, we prefer no music stands on stage during services. However, exceptions do occur on an individual and circumstantial basis.


SCC Worship provides the drum set, Aviom mixers with basic in-ear monitors (IEMs), microphones, direct boxes, and necessary cables.


Instrumentalists will need the following:

Electric Guitar: Guitar, pedal board

Acoustic Guitar: Guitar, capo (if needed)

Bass: Guitar

Drums: Sticks

Keys: Optional (we’ll provide you with a keyboard unless you prefer to bring your own)

*Feel free to bring your personal IEMs for use with our Avioms!


STEP 4: We’ll reach out to you with our recommended next steps.

Shortly after your audition, our Worship Team will meet together to discuss our thoughts and recommendations. We’ll contact you within one week thereafter!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Again, thanks for your interest!


Heather Parks

Worship Arts Director

Second Chance Church


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