We believe the best way to grow and engage personally and spiritually is by taking Next Steps toward following Jesus. Wherever you are in your journey, everyone has a Next Step to take. What's your Next Step?


Baptism is a public declaration of your faith in Jesus; an outward display of an inward commitment to follow Him. If you've put your trust in Jesus, your Next Step is to get baptized.


We believe all new Christians should stay connected with others within their faith community. These relationships help Christians young and old to maintain their faith. We also believe that as a member of your local congregation you are giving back as much support to your community as you receive. 

House Party

We believe that sharing life with each other is vital to growth, health, and happiness. Make new friends and get connected in a House Party. Life is better together.


God has given each one of us unique gifts, talents, and passion to make an impact on the world. At SCC, we want to help you unlock your potential and provide opportunities to use those gifts for the Kingdom.