Each and every person is designed with unique gifts, talents, and abilities to make an impact both locally and worldwide. The act of serving is important in connection, faith building, experiencing purpose, and fulfilling God’s callings.

There are many ways to serve at SCC. From offering a warm welcome and cup of coffee, changing diapers, or filming a live broadcast, you're sure to find a place to put your talents to use in furthering the Kingdom.

Opportunities to Serve

SCC Kids

SCC Kids is all about engaging the next generation. SCC Kids strives to help every child foster a relationship with Jesus in a safe, fun, and age-appropriate way. From birth all the way through 8th grade, the staff and volunteers of SCC Kids care for, teach, and build relationships with each child entrusted to our care.



Worship is one of the cornerstones of SCC. We believe it's one of the best ways for our church to experience Jesus and foster a relationship with him. SCC Worship strives for excellence in all we do. We require an application and audition before joining our team.


Church Online

We believe that the Church exists outside the walls of any building, and that our mission goes beyond city limits, state lines, and international borders. Every weekend experience at SCC is broadcast live online to a local, regional, and international audience. With viewership as diverse as Mexico and Japan, and right down the street, Church Online is a way for anyone to check out SCC for the first time, stay connected from anywhere, and experience real community and discipleship.

Engagement Team

The Engagement Team is where the mission of SCC (to engage others with the love of Jesus Christ) is lived out at every weekend experience. Engagement Team members craft our guest's first impressions by providing a VIP experience. From finding a parking spot to that last cup of coffee after service and everything in between, the Engagement Team ensures that everyone who steps through our doors has an excellent SCC Experience each and every week.



The mission of Production is to create engaging and inspiring environments and experiences that usher our church into the presence of God. Every role in Production plays an important part in creating that environment and cultivating those experiences, from lights and sound to stage design and direction. We offer regular shadowing opportunities and training events for Production.


Building Services

At SCC, excellence is a way of life, and our facility is no exception. For our weekend experiences to be excellent, our building needs to be clean, cared for, and kept fully operational. Without the dedication of our Building Services team, the true SCC Experience wouldn't be possible week in and week out.